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Ambu Bag

Ambu Bag  

          Ambu bag is also known as Self infliating bag or Manual resuscitator or Bag value mask ( BVM ). 
  •  It is a critical equipment.

History :

          Ambu bag is developed in 1953 by the holger hesse ( German engineer ) and Danish anaesthetist Henning Ruben.

Parts Of Ambu bag :

Ambu bag contain :
  • Oxygen Reseviour.
  • Oxygen tank.
  • Face mask.
The capacity of ambu bag ( Oxygen tank ) is 1.6 liters. 

Uses :

  • Ambu bag is used to provide Positive Pressure ventilation to the patients who are Unable to breathing or breathing inadequately.
  • Without oxygen through ambu bag we can deliver the 17% oxygen.
  • With oxygen through ambu bag we can deliver the 21% oxygen.

Performing the Ambu Bag :

  • Every 6 seconds we have to give the ambu or 12 breaths per minute we have to give through ambu. 

Cleaning and Disinfection Methods / Protocols

There are two main methods used for cleaning of ambu bag.
     1.Manual cleaning method
     2.Ethyle oxide sterilization method

1.Manual Cleaning Method

          After using of the ambu bag must be cleaned taking care to reach channels and bores of the instrument.
          If Ambu bag is being washed manually the following procedure should be followed
  • Wear personal protective equipment.
  • Remove any soil / material on the ambu bag by rinsing in tap water ( 15 to 18 degrees )
  • Take ambu bag apart - fully and immerse all parts in water with a biodegradable, non - corrosive, nonabrasive, low foaming and free rinsing detergent or use an enzymatic cleaner ( bacillocid solution ) if necessary.
  • Ensure all visible soil / material is removed form the ambu bag.
  • Rinse in a water.
  • Dry the ambu bag either in a drying cabinet, or hand dry with clean lint-free cloth.
  • Inspect to ensure the instrument is clean. 

Sterilization Of Ambu Bag : 

          Sterilization is the destruction of all micro organisms can be achived by Ethylene oxide sterilization for ambu bag. Sterilization is necessary for ambu bag penetrating sterile body site. Ambu bag will only be sterile by the Ethylene oxide sterilizing process. 

          Ambu bag must be packed before sterilization. ( Double pack with cover and stick the gas indicator ( ) and write above the cover Name, Date of sending to CSSD, Department or Ward, and send to CSSD. )

          Before ambu bage goes under the process of ETO sterilization, the following should be checked.

          (1) Check that the ambu bag can withstand the process ( Ex : ETO )
          (2) Ensure that the ambu bag has been adequately celaned.   
          (3) Check that the instrument does not require any special treatment.
          (4) Check the records of the sterilization process and for the traceability of    
                ambu bag is kept.

          Ethylene gas is appropriate to use for sterilization of ambu bag because it made from heat labile material. The time required to process the instrument is dependent on the temperature, humidity and concentration level of the gas. The gas must penetrate the packaging and reach all surfaces of ambu bag requiring sterilization.

          The time for such a process is between 12 hours to 24 hours. Because Ethylene oxide is toxic, this gas is restricted in health care facilities and must be used according to strict guidelines to ensure staff safety.
  • After sterilization the ambu bag can be used upto 90 days from the day of sterilization. The steam sterilization method is used to sterilize the ambu bag.
          Equipment                                             Procedure                                                         Remarks
AMBU bag and maskClean with detergent, dry and send to the sterilizing service department.Change mask after each patient.

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