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Upper G I Endoscopy

1.1. Upper Endoscopy :

          Direct visualization of the esophagus, stomach and duodenum is an excellent way evaluate the upper gastrointestinal tract.
          Some minor preparation of the upper tract is needed to provide the best test results.

1.2 Pre Procedural Instructions :

1. Eat a light supper the night before the procedures. Then clear liquids only.
2. Nothing by mouth after midnight as the procedure is done in mornings.
3. Six hours fasting is sufficient if planned for later hours.
4. To come to the hospital half hour earlier than the scheduled test time.
5 Skip the morning dose of anti diabetic drugs inform the doctor about diabetic status.
   ( The procedure can schedule at the earliest possible time.
6. Usually the procedure is done under local Anesthesia.
7. If patient wishes to get the procedure to be done under sedation :
    a) Inform at the time of appointment.
    B) To get an attendant to drive them back home.
8. To sign the consent form before the procedure.

1.3 During the procedure :

1. To remove the dentures/spectacles before starting the procedure.
2. Throat is anesthetized with 10% xylocaine spray.
3. Patient is asked to lie down in left lateral position.
4. Asked to hold the mouth guard between teeth.
5. Scope is gently advanced and the UGI tract is inspected.
6. Patient is asked not to swallow oral secretions to prevent aspiration.
7. All the therapeutic procedures are performed as per standard techniques described.

1.4 Post Procedures :

1. Rinse the mouth with plain water.
2. Do not swallow till the throat sensation is regained which takes about 10 minutes.
3. Patient can have normal breakfast afterwards.
4. Can go to work if not received sedation.


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