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Cool Drinks Or Soft Drinks Leads To Formtion Of Kidney Stones.

 Cool Drinks Or Soft Drinks Leads To Formation Of Kidney Stones.

           A study conducted by the urology department doctors has released the cause of in the younger age group and children are drinking more amount of soft drinks or cool drinks.

          These Soft drinks or Cool drinks will decrease the Ph level of urine, which does not allow complete dissolution of waste products in produced by the body, leading to crystal formation and strengthening of previously formed crystals.

          The urology doctors said that the body uses food and energy for tissue repair. After the body released waste products in the blood stream are transported to the kidney and excreted in the form of urine.

          Kidney stones are formed when substance in urine become highly concentrated. Stones normally starts with a small crystal and than solidifies with covering of newer layers.

          People who consumed these cool drinks or soft drinks on a regular basis. These people were chance to get kidney stones caused by the calcium and uric acid. 

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