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Urethra Anatomy

Anatomy Of Urethra

  • It is a tube through which the urine which is stored in urinay bladder is excreted out.

  • Urethra is the continuation downwards of neck of the bladder.
  • It communicates with urinary bladder through an opening called as internal urethral meatus.
  • It opens to the outside through another opening called as external urethra meatus.
  • The female urethra is short and  straight. It s length is only 4cm.
  • In males the urethra is very long and is divided into 3 parts. Prostatic urethra which is surrounded by prostate gland, membranous urethra and spongy urethra.
  • The male urethra is the common passage for both urine and seminal fluid.


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