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Parotid Glands Anatomy

Anatomy of Parotid Glands :

  • These are the largest of all salivary gland.
  • They are present infront below and behind the auricle.
  • Each gland is pyramidal in shape with a base which is directed above in close contact with the ear and an apex which is directed below and extends into the neck.
  • The gland has 3 borders, Anterior border, Posterior and medial border.
  • It has 3 surfaces, superficial, anteromedial and posteromedial surface.
  • Within the gland 3 importan structures are present facial nerve, retromandibular vein, External parotid artery.
  • The secretions of the glands pass through the parotid duct which opens into the oral cavity opposite to the upper second molar tooth.
  • The parotid duct is also called as stensens duct.
  • Arterial supply : Superficial temporal and maxillary arteries.
  • Nerve supply : Auriculo temporal nerve.
  • Lymphatic Drainage : Superficial parotid group of lymph nodes.

Applied Anatomy :

     It a viral infection called as mumps, the parotid gland is inflamed and enlarged. It is a very painful condition. The patient will not be able to open his mouth.

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