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Oxygen therapy

Oxygen therapy

  • Patients with respiratory dysfunctions are treated with oxygen inhalations it relieve hypoxemia. The normal amount of oxygen in the arterial blood should be in the range of 90 – 100 mmHg.
  • If it falls below 60mmHg irreversible physiological effects may ocuur, It is  urgent to correct the hypoxemia promptly.
  • Tissues vary in their oxygen requirements the cerebral cells receives 20% of the body’s oxygen ( O2 ) supply and can live only for a few minutes ( 5 – 7 Min ).
  • If this o2 supply is out off other cells such as myocardium can survive little more without a fresh supply of oxygen ( O2 ).
  • Remember that the Oxygen (O2 ) administration treats the effects of oxygen (O2) deficiency. But it doesn’t correct the underlying cause.  

Indications : 

Cyanosis : 

          Defined as the bluish color of the Skin, Nail beds and mucous membrane resulting from a decreased amount of oxygen ( O2 ) in the Hb of the blood.

Breathlessness of labored breathing :

Ex : Breathlessness may be caused by certain diseases such as Asthma, emphysema, pulmonary embolism, coronary
 thrombosis and other cardiac insufficiencies.
An environment low in oxygen ( O2 ) content.

Anemia : 

          Deficiency of either quality / quantity of red corpuscles in the blood giving rise to symptoms of hypoxemia.

Diseases :  

In which the oxygen ( O2 ) across the alveolar capillary membranes.
Ex : Pulmonary edema, Pneumonia, Chest injuries.

  • Patients whose respiratory capacity is diminished by some diseases or conditions.
    Ex : Atelectasis, Pneumonectomy, Thormoplasty.
  •  Poisoning with chemicals that alters the tissues ability to utilize the oxygen ( O2 ).
Ex : Cyanide poisoning.
·        Shock and circulatory failures.
·        Hemorrhage and air hunger.
·        Patients under anaesthesia.
·        Patients who are critically ill.
·        Patients with psychologically induced breathlessness.

Ex : Anxiety, Neurosis.
·        Asphyocia : Condition in with there is a lack of oxygen ( O2 ) supply in the lungs leading to unconsciousness caused by the bleeding of air passage with foreign bodies.
Ex : Drowing, Electrical shock, Inhalation of poisonous gases.



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