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Lungs Anatomy

Anatomy Of Lungs

  • Lungs are a pair of conical shaped reddish grey colored organs present in the thoracic cavity on either side of the heart.
  • Each lung is covered by a serous membrane called as pleura.
  • The pleura is composed of 2 layers,
  • Outer parietal pleura and Inner visceral pleura.
  • Between them a space is present called as pleural cavity which is filled with pleural fluid.
  • Parietal pleura is divided into 4 parts,
    Costal pleura, diaphragmatic pleura, mediastenal pleura and cervical pleura.
  • At birth, these lungs are grayish pink in color, as age advances due to the deposition of carbon particles the lungs will become grayish black in color.
  • Each lung is conical in shape with a narrow apex above and a broad based below.
  • The apex extends into the lower part of the neck.
  • The base is concave and is related to the domes of the diaphragm.
  • The diaphragm separates base of left lung from stomach and spleen.
  • Each lung has territory borders, Anterior, posterior and inferior and 3 surfaces, Medial, lateral or costal and inferior.
  • The anterior border of the lung is straight where as that of left lung is deviated in the lower part called as the cardiac notch.

  • In the lower part it shows a tongue shaped projection called as lingual.
  • The posterior border is rounded.
  • The inferior surface is also called as base.
  • The lateral or the costal surfaces shows impressions caused by the ribs.
  • On the medial surface there is a depression called as hilum which is the entry and exit point of lung.
  •  Hilum of lung will give passage to bronchus, pulmonary artery and secondary pulmonary veins.
  • Blood Supply : By bronchial arteries.
  • Venous Drainage : By bronchial veins.
  • Nerve Supply : Vagous nerves.

Fissures and Lobes of Lungs :

  • Right lung has tow fissures, oblique fissure and horizontal fissure dividing it into 3 lobes upeer lobe, middle lobed and lower lobe.
  • Left lung has one fissure, oblique fissure dividing it into 3 lobes upper lobe, middle lobed and lower lobe.

Differences Between Right and Left lungs :

Right Lung :

  •         Shorter, broader and has more volume.
  • ·        Anterior border is straight.
  • ·        Has two fissures and 3 lobes.

Left Lung :

  • ·        Longer, narrower with less volume.
  • ·        Anterior border is cardiac notch.
  • ·        One fissure and 2 lobes

 Applied Anatomy :

  • Inflammation of lung is called pneumonia.
  • Inflammation of bronchi is bronchitis.
  • In a condition called as bronchial asthma the bronchi are narrowed there by causing difficulty in breathing.

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