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01.Seconds pendulum is a pendulum which executes one oscillation in? 
A.Two Seconds

02.Which of the following produces H2 gas, when reacts with acid ?
Ans : Zn.

03.Which of the following is a rich source of carbohydrates, proteins and fats ?
Ans : Bean.

04.What is the average temperature of surface water of the oceans ?
Ans : 26.7 Degrees Celsius.

05.When day light hours are increased, the rate of photosynthesis? 
Ans :  Increases.

06.The author of the book ‘Ratnawali’ is?
Ans : Harsha Vardhan.

07.The object of ‘Sangam Yojana’ is?
Ans : To ensure welfare of handicapped.

08.In Basketball, how many players are there in each side?
Ans : 05 Members.

09.The mirror used by ENT specialist is?
Ans : Concave mirror

10.Operation Cactus is the name of given to Indian military intervention in?  A.Maldives

11.‘AZLAN SHAH’ cup is associated with? 

A.Intermontane plateau

12.In India, the plateau of Malwas is an example of? 

A.Continental plateau

13.Blood clotting will not occur in the absence of? 


14.Which of the following causes polio myelitis? 

A.Entero Virus

15.Which one of the following do not take part in the elections of the president? 


16.The number of pairs of spinal nerves in man is? 


17.‘Mrichhakatika ‘ was written by? 


18.The mean distance from the Sun to the Earth is called? 

A.Astronomical Unit

19.Chemically fats and oils are? 


20.Which protein occurs abundantly in Egg? 


21.Full from of NIC is ? 

A.National Informatics Center


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