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1.Dengue fever is transmitted by the bite of ……. mosquito
(a) anopheles
(b) aedes
(c) mansonia
(d) culex
Answer : B

2.Route of administration of BCG vaccine is
(a) intramuscular
(b) intradermal
(c) subcutaneous
(d) intrathecal
Answer : A
3.Pasteurisation of milk kills all organisms except
(a) Anthrax
(b) M. Tuberculosis 
(c) Streptococcus 
(d) Brucella
Answer : B

4.Prevalence of hook worm infection in a community is assessed by
(a) pearl index
(b) breteaux index
(c) chandler index
(d) none of the above 
Answer : C
5.The level of iodisation of iodised salt at the consumer level as specified under the IDD control programme is
(a) 40 ppm
(b) 30 ppm
(c) 15 ppm
(d) 50 ppm
Answer : C 

6. All are steps in Primary Prevention of diseases except
(a) promotion of healthy life styles
(b) good nutrition
(c) immunization
(d) treatment
Answer : D

7.Communicability of measles declines
(a) after onset of fever
(b) during prodromal period
(c) at the time of eruption
(d) after appearance of rash
Answer : D

8.After effective chlorination of water free residual chlorine should not be less than
 (a) 0.5 mg/L
(b) 1 mg/L
(c) 50 mg/L
(d) 200 mg/L 
Answer : A

9.All are side effects of oral contraceptives except
(a) hypertension
(b) cervical cancer risk
(c) gall bladder disease
(d) iron deficiency anameia
Answer : A

10.World AIDS day is observed on
(a) December 1st
(b) January 31st
(c) May 1st
(d) October 1st
Answer : A

11.Highest source of vitamin A is seen in
(a) Cod liver oil
(b) green leafy vegetables
(c) papaya
(d) carrot 
Answer : A
12.Which is a live vaccine
(a) Hepatitis B vaccine
(b) Hepatitis A vaccine
(c) Oral polio vaccine
(d) DPT vaccine
Answer : C

13.Scurvy is a deficiency disease due to
(a) Vitamin A
(b) Vitamin D
(c) Vitamin C
(d) Vitamin B12
Answer : C 

14.Number of sputum smears to be taken for confirmation of tuberculosis under the Revised National Tuberculosis control programme is
(a) 1
(b) 2
(c) 3
(d) 4
Answer : C

15.The target population under the Universal Immunization Programme is
 (a) infants and antenatal mothers
(b) infants
(c) under fives
(d) under fives and antenatal mothers
Answer : C

16. RCH programme was launched in the year
 (a) 1997
(b) 1992
(c) 1990
(d) 1998
Answer : B

17.Additional energy requirement to be supplemented for a lactating mother is
 (a) 200 calories
(b) 550 calories
(c) 350 calories
(d) 100 calories
Answer : B
18. Dental caries is caused due to deficiency of
(a) Iodine
(b) Iron
(c) Fluorine
(d) Copper
Answer : C

19.Most ideal equipment for vaccine storage in a PHC is
(a) domestic refrigerator
(b) ice lined refrigerator
(c) cold box
(d) vaccine carrier
Answer : B

20.Village Health Guide is present in all these states except
(a) Uttar Pradesh
(b) Bihar
(c) Orissa
(d) Kerala
Answer : C

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