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Liver Multiple Choice Questions

                    Liver Multiple Choice Questions

1.Where is the liver situated in the body                                                      (          )
A) Besides the Heart
B) Besides the intestine
C) Besides the Kidney
D) Besides the pancreas

2.What is the enlargement / swelling of the liver known as                        (          )
A) Liver cirrhosis
B) Hepato cirrhosis
C) Hepatic pain
D) Hepatitis

3.What is the main function of the liver                                                        (          )
A) Oxidation
B) Reduction
C) Detoxification
D) Production 

Answer : C

Note : The main function of the liver is detoxifying

4. How many types of Viral Hepatitis is present                                                     (          )
A) 6
B) 5
C) 8
D) 7

Answer : B

Note : There are total 5 types of viral hepatitis are present. Those are Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Hepatitis D, Hepatitis E.

5. Which of the following organisms commonly cause hepatitis                  (          )
A) Viruses
B) Bacteria
C) Fungi
D) All of the above

6. What is the Prevalance of hepatitis in present days                                   (          )
A) Increasing
B) Decreasing
C) Constant
D) Not at all seen

7. Which among the following factors possess a risk for hepatitis               (          )
A) Smooking
B) Alchoholism
C) Malnutrition
D) On hygienic condition

8. Which is the Non – infections cause that leads to hepatitis                       (          )
A) Heart Attack
B) Obesity
C) Cancer
D) Kidney Failure

9. What is the main cause of hepatitis – A                                                      (          )
A) Smooking
B) Obesity
C) Contaminated food and water
D) Brain tumors

10.Does hepatitis A has easy recovery                                                           (          )
A) Yes
B) No
C) May be
D) All of the above

11.What is the main mode of transmission in hepatitis – B                          (          )
A) Coughing & Sneezing
B) Use of some clothing
C) Sexually transmitted
D) Skin contact

12.Which among the following is more prone to hepatitis B                       (          )
A) Cricketers
B) Smokers
C) Alchoholic Persons
D) Medical Professionals

13.A baby gets hepatitis B infections from                                                    (          )
A) Mother touch
B) Mother care
C) Mother Milk
D) Mother nails

14.People with hepatitis B can donate blood                                                 (          )
A) Yes always
B) No never
C) Can donates it hepatitis is more
D) Can donates it hepatitis is less

15.Which is the following is the most dangerous from of hepatitis               (          )
A) Hepatitis A
B) Hepatitis B
C) Hepatitis D
D) Hepatitis C

16.Which is the main mode of transmission of hepatitis                                (          )
A) Saliva
B) Tears
C) Blood
D) Urine

17.Hepatitis B prolonged infections can leads to                                            (          )
A) Hepatitis D
B) Hepatitis A
C) Hepatitis G
D) Hepatitis C

18.Hepatitis B is transmitted by                                                                      (          )
A) Unprotected sex
B) Infected needles
C) Body fluids
D) All of the above

19.Which among the following transmitted hepatitis E                                (          )
A) Contaminated needles
B) Contaminated food
C) Contaminated water
D) Contaminated clothes

20.Which of the following pain is seen hepatitis                                            (          )
A) Leg pain
B) Hand pain
C) Knee pain
D) Abdominal pain

21.Which is the first symptom seen in hepatitis                                             (          )
A) Nausea
B) Vomiting
C) Diarrhoea
D) Weight gain

22.Hepatitis will leads to                                                                                   (          )
A) Weight gain
B) Weight loss
C) Brain tumors
D) Heart attack

23.Which of the following features is common in hepatitis                           (          )
A) Cancer
B) Aids
C) Jaundice
D) Pites

24. What is the test to be done to detect hepatitis infection                            (          )
A) CT – Scan
B) Blood test
C) X – ray
D) Ultra sonography

25.Which among the following can be prevented by vaccination                  (          )
A) Hepatitis B and C
B) Hepatitis C and E
C) Hepatitis D and C
D) Hepatitis A and B

26.Which of the hepatitis do not have vaccination                                         (          )
A) Hepatitis A
B) Hepatitis B
C) Hepatitis C
D) Hepatitis D

27.Which should be done to treat hepatitis                                                     (          )
A) A healthy diet
B) Proper bed rest and personal hygiene
C) Timely Medications
D) All of the above

28.Which of the following should be focused more to prevent hepatitis       (          )
A) Oral care
B) Personal hygiene
C) Diet
D) Exercise

29. What is the Complication of hepatitis                                                      (          )
A) Liver cancer
B) Liver tumour
C) Liver Stone
D) Liver damage

30. Which is the best way to prevent hepatitis                                                (          )
A) Vaccinatio
B) Personal hygiene
C) safe food and water
D) All of the above


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