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Withdrawing Blood

Withdrawing Blood
          Blood samples for laboratory testing may be obtained in several ways. The most common procedure is venipuncture, withdrawl  of blood from a vein using a needle and collecting tube, which contains various additives, A tourniquet is wrapped around the arm above the venipuncture site, which causes blood to accumulate in the vein. This increased blood volume makes the vein stand out. Opening and closing the fistful.

           A common site for venipuncture is the median cubital vein anterior drawing blood is through a finger or heel stick. Diabetic patients who monitor their daily blood sugar typically perform a finger stick, and it is often used for drawing blood from infants and children. in an arterial stick, blood is withdrawn from an artery; this test is used to determine the level of oxygen in oxygenated blood.

Equipment :                                                                   
  • Tourniqate 
  • Spirit swab
  • Dry swab
  • Gloves
  • syringe
Procedure :

1. Arrange the equipment to be used for sample collection.

2. Perform the hand hygiene.
3. Identify and prepare the patient.


4. Select the site, preferably at the antecubital area ( bend of elbow), Warm the hand with a hot pack, 
    or hanging the hand down may make it easier to see the veins.
               Do not touch the hand after applying the alcohol.

5. Apply a tourniqute 4-5 fingers over the selected area.

6.Tell the patient to form a fist so the veins are prominanat.

7. Wear the gloves ( sterile or Non sterile )

8.Disinfect the site with 70% isopropyl alcohol for 30 sec and allow to dry completely.

9. Hold the vein by placing the thumb finger below the vein puncture site.

10. Insert the needle with 30 degree angle.

11. After collecting the required amount of blood remove the tourniqute before withdrawing the

12. withdraw the needle immideately apply the dry and clean cotton over the puncture site.

13. Discard the needle and used equipment in the puncture resistant container.

14. Remove the gloves and perform the hand washing.

A. If tubes does not have a rubber stopper, Push the plunger into the container slowly to prevent
B. Place the stopper in the container.
C. Mix with additatives according to the laboratory instructions send to lab

Multiple choice Questions :

1.How much % of alcohol is used to disinfect the site    
a) 50%
b) 60%
c) 70%
d) 80%

Answer : C

2. Which vein is best to withdraw the blood
a) Cephalic vein
b) Basilic vein
c) Ante cubital Vein
d) median vein of forearm

Answer : C

3. Why the blood has to push slowly from syringe to vacutainer after collecting from vein
a) To prevent hemolysis
b) To prevent clotting
c) To Mix with aditatives
d) To prevent blood loss

Answer : A

4. How much distance has to maintain  from veinpuncture site to tourniquet in withdrawing blood
a) 4 fingers above
b) 6 fingers above
c) 3 finger above
d) 5 fingers above

Answer : a

5. In which angle the needle is inserted to withdraw the blood
a) 40 degree angle
b) 30 degree angle
c) 45 degree angle
d) 35 degree angle

Answer : B


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