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Tips for veinpuncture or iv cannualtion

                                              VEINPUNCTURE SKILLS 

 A) Feeling the veins in the body :
           You can not get a prominent or clear vein but you will get compulsory feel it by the palpating the vein area. To feel for prominent, clear, visible, fullness and
integrity. Select the long or largest vein.

B)  Select the right size of iv cannula :
            For infuse large volumes of fluid or blood transfusion use a large size iv cannula. To infuse small volumes of fluids use a small size iv cannula.
           For adult patients          :   20 gauge
                     Pediatric patients    :   18 gauge

C)    Older age or geriatric patients, low prone to blowing a deeper vein :
           Older age patients have fragile like thick veins these type of veins easily can    
seen in the dorsal part of the hands. You are facing with a fragile vein on an  aged client, See for the deeper veins these are more stabilized and less movable.

D)   Use a straight vein :
            For smooth iv cannulation avoid the insertion of cannula in between two veins  venous, in between two veins venous valves are present. If you insert the
cannula in between venous values it will stop the needle from forward and vein side walls will be puncture.

E)   If  patients arms are cold apply a Hot packs :
If patient arms are cold, dilate the blood vessels by warming up. By performing the hot pack procedure veins visible quickly and prevent the blowing them.

             Note : If hot pack is not available, you can use  warm cloths or providing
                        warm area.

F)  Tell the patient to open and close fist during vein palpation :
Keep the hand downwards and ask the patient arms relaxed and ask patient       
closing and opening the fist during vein palpation it will improves the
venous refill and clearly appears.

G)   To insert the needle in the vein, use the 15-30 degree angle :
Insert the iv cannula using 15-30 degree angle

H)    Avoid the double insertion of cannula insert slowly :   
Take a time to put a needle in proper way, avoid the jerky movements. Hold the vein with thumb and push the needle slowly but steadily and  make a short stroke through the skin to reach the vein quickly


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