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Objective type question on Ward management

1.The nurse takes the following pledge
a) Nightingale pledge
b) Christian pledge
c) Hippocrates pledge
d) Catholic pledge

2.A brief description of an accident
a) Work report
b) Anecdotal report
c) Self development
d) All the above

3.Number of patients in the hospital at mid night or before 6 a.m. is called
a) Time report
b) Work report
c) Lencess report
d) None of the above

4.Change nurse is
a) Nursing superintendent
b) Head nurse
c) Staff nurse
d) ANM

5.Most important records in the hospitals
a) Patients clinical report
b) Treatment, admission and discharge record
c) Ward equipment record
d) All the above

6.The following is responsible for 24 hours nursing care in the hospital
a) Student nurse
b) Staff nurse
c) Head nurse
d) Nursing superintendent

7. Organized institute for care of sick & injured
a) Hospital
b) Blood bank
c) Office
d) None of the above

8. Well planned schedule of duty hours
a) Time schedule
b) Duty Roaster
c) Rotation
d) None of the above


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