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Staff nurse model exam question papers

1) The colour change in the Chameleon is due to the presence of
(A) Haemoglobin
(B) Chromatophore
(C) Platelet
(D) Pneumatophore

2) Which one of the following sensory receptors is found in epidermis?
a) Dermatosensory
b) Pacinian Corpuscles
c) Meissner's Corpuscles
d) Merkel disc

3) The Diaphragm is formed from the following except
a) Dorsal Mesentery of esophagus
b) Paraxial mesoderm
c) Pleuroperitoneal membranes
d) Septum Transverum

4) The type of synaptic inhibition seen in cerebellum is
a) Pre-synaptic
b) Renshaw cell
c) Post-Synaptic
d) Cerebram

5) Section of the vagus nerve results in
a) Decreased depth of respiration
b) Irregular breathing patterns
c) Increased rate of respiration
d) increase in beath holding time

6) Which of the following is not a characteristic of hemoglobin S?
a) Insoluble in low o2 tension
b) Red cells are sickle shaped
c) Normal alpha chain but abnormal beta chain.
d) Abnormal heme portion

7) Which of the following factors in bile juice is responsible for preventing the precipitation of cholesterol and formation of gall stones?
a) Bile pigments
b) Bile salts
c) High Alkalin condition
d) High concentration of bicarbonates.

8) Carcinogens attributed to the formation of pyramidine dimmers in DNA commonly occurs following exposures to
a) UV radiation
b) infra- red radiation
c) Chemical carcinogens
d) Viral infection

9) Malaria relapse is seen in
a) P. Faciparum and P. vivax
b) P. faciparum and P. Malariae
c) P. Vivax and Plasomdium ovale.

d) Plasmodium ovale and Plasmodium malariae


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