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Staff Nurse exam question papers

Staff nurse exam question papers

1. Disulfiram is a drug used in treatment of:
    a. Malaria     b. Mania
    c. AIDS        d. Alcoholism
2. Lugol's solution contains:
    a. Potassium chloride     b. potassium bromide
    c. Potassium iodide        d. ammonium chloride
3. How many calaries does 1 gm of fat give?
    a. 8       b. 9
    c. 4       d 6
4. Germ theory of disease was propounded by:
    a. Robert hook       b. Frick's Nickson
    c. Louise Pasteur     d. lord's richardson
5. First AIDS case in india was reported in the year:
    a. 1985     b. 1986
    c.1987      d. 1988
6. Intracellular fluid constitute ........ % of the body weight ?
    a. 70       b. 40
    c. 60       d. 30
7. Example of an abraded wound is ......... ?
    a. Superficial           b. Severe trumatic wound
    c. Closed wound      d. Wound is made by a saharp instrument 
8. An irreversible side effect of antipsychotics is :
    a. Tremor            b. Tardive dyskynessis
    c. Dyspnoea         d. Weight gain 
9. What is the normal extra cellular concentration of the sodium?
    a.115-125 MEq/L       b. 80-90 MEq/L 
    c.150-165 MEq/L       d.135-145 MEq/L
10. Optimum level of fluoride in drinking water per litre is :
      a. 1-2 rl       b. 0.05-0.08 rl
      c. 5-8 rl       d. 0.5-0.8 rl
11. Culdoscopy is used to visualize which anatamical area?
      a. Bile ducts    b. Colon 
      c. Rectum       d.  Pelvic organs throug the vaginal wall 

12. Surgery done for myasthenia gravis is:
    a. Thymectomy      b. Sympatectomy
    c. Menisectomy      d. Mastectomy
13. Retrlental  fibroplasia is a complication of .......?
     a. Chemotherapy      b. Oxygen administration
     c. IV infusion           d. Eye instilation
14. Suturing needle with no eye and suturinh materials are inserted with in the metal of th         needle is ..... type
      of suturing needle?
     a. Straight needle         b. non cutting needle
     c. atraumatic needle     d. traumatic needle
15. World nurse day ?
      a. May 2        b.  May 12
      c.  May22      d.  May 8

16. First choice of IV punctured site is ......?
    a. veins in the foot           b. veins in the hand
    c. veins of the forearm     d.  veins in the scalp
17. Which is the first baby friendly state in India ?
     a. Karnataka       b. Kerala
     b. Rajasthan       c. Goa
18. birth weight of the baby doubled at which month ?
     a. 6 month     b. 2 month
     c. 12 month   d. 9 month
19. Which of the among one is not relate to AIDS test?
     a. Neva              b. Elisa
     c. Western blot   d. EQA
20. Fear of disease is called?
     a. Nyctophobia       b. nosophobia
     c. haemetophobia    d. xenophobia

  1. d           11. d 
  2. a           12. a
  3. b           13. b
  4. c           14. c
  5. c           15. b
  6. b           16. c
  7. a           17. b
  8. b           18. a
  9. d           19. d
10. d           20. b



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