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1.A client is scheduled for cataract  surgery, which is the most appropriate nursing diagnosis for the client ?
   A. Risk for infection 
   b. Anxiety
   c. sensory perception disturbed 
   d..Risk for injury  

2. When nurse assessing a client who is on chemotherapy for CA esophagus which of the finding nurse would expect ?  
   a. Alopecia 
   b. Hyper-salivation
   c. peptic ulcer 
   d. gingivitis

3. 40 year old male admitted to hospital with sickle cell crisis and which comfortable position nurse should provide ?
   a. Side lying 
   b. supine
   c. semifowlers 
   d. prone 
4. Gray baby syndrome is caused by ........?
   a. Morphine
   b. insulin
   c. chloramphenicol
   d. Alcohol 

5. Nurse should expect which clinical manifestation when assessing a atrial defibrilation client ?
   a. projectile vomiting 
   c. dyspnoea 
   d. irregular pulse 

6. Commonest type of jaundice in the new born is ....?
   b. obstructive
   c. hepatogenic
   d. Heamolytic 

7. Expected date of  delivery for a women whose LMP was 1st January is 
   a. October 1
   b. November 9  
   c. November 1
   d. October 8

8. Which of the nursing measures is most appropriate for client with  epitaxis ?
    a. provide side lying position 
    b. extend the head back ward 
    c. apply warm compress over nasal bridge
    d. pinch the nose and have the patient lean forward 

9. Which of the nursing action should a nurse implement first  when she find a  client unconscious on bath room floor ?
     a. call for help 
     b. inform the doctor 
     c. shake the client and shout  
     d. check the vital signs 

10. Macewens sign is a manifestation of ........... diseases ?
     a. Hydrocephalus 
     b.. meningitis
     c. appendicitis
     d. cerebral palsy


1. c
2 . b 
3. c
4  c
5. d
6. a
7. d
8. d
9. c
10 a


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