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Nurses exam questions


1) When Lifting Transferring or moving patient to a chair, the most important consideration is
i) Comfort
ii) Safety
iii) Documentation
iv) Protocol

2) Which of the following is not present in blood ?
i) Uria
ii) Platelet
iii) Plasma
iv) CSF

3) What is QALY
i) Quality Adjusted Life Years
ii) Quantity Adjusted Life Years
iii)Quarterly average Liquid Years
iv) Quick Adjusted Life Years

4) You will get most accurate Temperature
i) At the Groin
ii) Under the Tongue
iii) Under the Arm
iv) Rectum

5) When Counting the Pulse rate, what point you use,
i) The Radial Artery
ii) Carotid Artery
iii) Femoral Artey
iv) All the Above

6) What is Ostomy site
i) An Opening allowing for the exit of urine from the body.
ii) An Opening allowing for the exit of Stool from the body.
iii) An Opening allowing for the exit of Pus from the body.
iv) Both A and B
7) Bleeding of gums and loosening of teeth is caused due to deficiency of:
i) Vitamin E
ii)  Vitamin D
iii) Vitamin C
iv) Vitamin B


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