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Model Staff Nurse Exam Solved Question Papers

Model Staff Nurse Exam Solved Question Papers

* When caring for a client with continuous bladder irrigation, the nurse should,

a) Record output every hour

b) Monitor urinary speific gravity

c) Subtract irrigant from output to determine urine volume

d) Include irrigating solution in any 24 hour urine tests order

* The nurse can prevent the contamination from Mrs. Jacinta's retention catheter by:

a) Irrigating the catheter

b) Perineal cleansing

c) Encouraging fluids

d) Cleansing around the meatus periodically

* The major reasons for treating severe emotional disorders with tranquilizers is to;

a) Reduce the neurotic syndrome

b) Prevent secondary complication

c) Make the client amenable to physiotherapy

d) Prevent destructiveness by the client

* The most important factor in rehabilitation of a client addicted to alcohol is;

a) The Clients emotional or motivational readiness

b) The availability of community resources

c) The qualitative level of the clients physical state

d) The accepting attitude of client's family

* Which of the following activities would cause her a risk in the increase of intracranial pressure?

a) Exercise

b) Coughing

c) Turning

d) Sleeping

* Which of the following drug may be given to reduce increase intracranial pressure?

a) Mannitol

b) Scopalamine

c) Lanoxin

d) Calmpose

* Which of the following is a form of active, focused, emotional environmental first aid for patients in crisis?

a) Attitude therapy

b) Psychotherapy

c) Re motivation technique

d) Crisis intervention

* The major treatment for ascities calls for;

a) Increased potassium

b) High protein

c) Restricted fluids

d) Restricted sodium

* The major influence of eating habits of the early school-aged child is;

a)Spoon feeding

b) Availability of food selections

c) Smell and appearance of food

d) Example of parents at meal time

1) Basic Principles of fundamentals of nursing

a) Cleaning

b) Disinfection

c) Sterilization

d) All the above

2) Example for second class lever

a) Scissors

b) Trolley

c) O2 tank carrier

d) None of the above

3) Radio active cobalt is used

a) For surgery

b) For Drug

c) Locally treating

d) None of the above

4) SOS means

a) Once a day

b) 4 times a day

c) If necessary

d) At night

5) Elements of primary health care

a) Promotion of food supply & proper nutrition

b) Adequate supply of safe water & sanitation

c) Maternal and child health care

d) All the above

6) The technique is used to open O2 cylinder

a) Clock wise

b) Anti clock wise

c) Upwards

d) Downwords

* Parentral administration of drug is

a) IM

b) IV

c) Subcutaneous

d) all the above

* Nursing diagnosis means

a) Equal to doctor diagnosis

b) Different from medical diagnosis

c) Done by the docto

d) None of the above

* How will you identify the sensitivity of the drug

a) IM dose

b) IV dose

c) Test dose

d) Lethal dose

* Every trained nurse must be registered in

a) Medical council

b) Nursing council

c) Health council

d)None of the above

* Rh factor contains

a) Antigen A

b) Antigen C

c) Antigen D

d) Antigen B

* Responsibilities of graduate Nurses

a) Patient care

b) Doctor

c) Hospital

d) Director

* The drugs are used for steam inhalations

a) TR Benzine

b) Eucalyptus

c) Menthol

d) Camphor

e) All the above

* The steps of Nursing process

a) Assessment

b) Planning

c) Implementation

d) Evaluation


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