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Model Staff nurse exam question paper

Staff nurse exam question paper

1. A butterfly rash ( malar rash) is a classic symptom of ........

    a. Gout                                         b. Arthritis
    c. pagets Disease                          d. Lupus erythematous

2.  you are doing tracheotomy suctioning  , which nursing action would be least appropriate?
     a. Hyper oxygenating client before and after suctioning 
      b. using sterile saline lubricating the catheter tip before insertion 
     c. suction until patient indicating to stop or suctioning not more than 20 seconds  
     d. Allow patient to rest 20 to 30 seconds in between suctioning 

3. which is the largest cavity in the body ?
     a. Abdominal                                          b. Cranial 
     c. Pelvic                                                   d. Thoracic 
4. Example of lipid lowering medicine is  ..........?
    a. cyclosporin                                           b. Rifampacin
    C. Atorvastatin                                         c. Lasilactone 
5. Which of the following is called pacemaker of heart ?

    a. AV node                                                b. Perking fibers
    c. SA node                                                 c. ventricle 

6. TAB vaccination prevent  which disease ?
    a. Tuberculosis                                         b. typhoid 
    c. Tetanus                                                  d. H1N1

7. which  is the causative agent of pertussis ?
    a. Bordetella                                              b.Rotavirus
    c. corona virus                                           c. Pasteurella pestis

8. Folic acid is otherwise known as ..............
    a. vitamin B9                                             b. vitamin B 6
    c. vitamin b 12                                           d. vitamin B 7

9. What is the average length of umbilical code ?
    a. 45                                                           b. 35
    c. 55                                                           d. 65
10. A harsh , vibrating, shrill sound produced by during respiration is called ..........?
   a.Wheeze                                                      b. sigh
    c. Rale                                                          d. stridor 

11, Client on blood transfusion develop chills, headache, dyspnoea, and increased plus rate    and respiratory rate with in 10 minutes , which is the first  nursing step  in this situation  ? 
      a.inform doctor immediately                    b. start Oxygen administration 
    c. stop blood transfusion                           d. check for embolism
12. which of the following is not true about depression 
     a. Usually start in in between the ages of 15 and 30
     b. incidence is more in men than women 
     c. thoughts of suicide is present 
     d. depression is one part of bipolar disorder

Answers of the staff nurse Grade two questions

4. c
12. b


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