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Mineral Disorders

Mineral Disorders

Minerals are very important for the human body. They have various roles in metabolism and body functions. They are essential for the proper function of cells, tissues, and organs.

Some minerals, such as iron, make up part of many proteins and enzymes in the body. Others, such as potassium, help to produce proteins from amino acids and are involved in carbohydrate metabolism.

Minerals also play a role in the building of muscle and bone and are important for normal body
Some of the conditions that are regularly treated at UT Southwestern Medical Center include:
  • Magnesium disorders
  • Parathyroid disease
  • Phosphorus deficiency
  • Vitamin D disorders
UT Southwestern physicians have the knowledge and experience to provide patients with the highest quality health care, including the accurate diagnosis, effective treatment, and ongoing management of mineral disorders.
Our caring and compassionate specialists use UT Southwestern’s state-of-the-art medical resources to provide important examinations and treatments for mineral disorders.


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