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characterstics of nursing research

  1. The gathering of new and existing data from new sources or first-hand information.
  2. It is directed toward the solution of the problem.
  3. It is analytical. It is characterized by carefully designed procedures in collecting data and rigorous analysis in interpreting them.
  4. It emphasizes the development of generalizations, principles, and theories that may be helpful in predicting future occurrence.
  5. It requires expertise. The researcher must be adequately prepared to undertake such behavior.
  6. It is empirical. It is based on direct experience and demands accurate observation and description of what is being studied.
  7. It strives to be logical, applying every possible test to validate the procedures being employed so that the researcher has confidence in the results.
  8. It is honest and characterized by patient and unhurried activities.
  9. It can be replicated to enable the researcher to achieve valid and comprehensive results.
  10. It requires innovative approaches.
  11. It is carefully recorded and reported.


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